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Our Story

We are the original Pixel Soup design studio (believe it or not, there's one in Ireland and Australia and Canada, too, totally unrelated.) We've been around for over 25 years. We are a one-stop shop, specializing in design, editing and animation for video. Whether it's on-air, on the web or at a sales event, Pixel Soup delivers creative, often clever and always spot-on video and promotion solutions.


We write, produce, design, animate and edit. We employ only the best voice-over, acting, model and music talent around, as needed. With 11 Emmy Awards and many other broadcast and promotion industry awards on the shelf, Pixel Soup has a powerful and proven record of success.

The Origins of Our Name

Pixel Soup is borrowed from an old tale called "Stone Soup," about a traveler who shows up at a village tired and hungry. The townsfolk are wary of him, so he sets up a pot in the middle of the town square and fills it with a single stone and water from the well. Curious, a villager stops by and asks what he's cooking. Stone Soup, he replies, commenting that it would taste delicious with a bit of meat. She rushes back home and brings him a large piece of stew meat for his soup. Another villager wonders what the lovely smell is and, after the stranger explains, he offers a few potatoes to add to the soup. After a while several curious and good-natured townsfolk bring him vegetables and spices and herbs for his pot of soup. The stranger shares his soup with everyone in town and is welcomed into their community.


We do the same. We have our own pot (the lastest hardware, software, video, lights and so on) and bring our award-winning talent to your community, ready to add your ideas and challenges to the mix. We stir the pixels and let it stew, ending up with a tasty blend of creativity and practicality. Simply put, our designs are tasteful and they work.

Our first promotional piece: a mailer for our

demo reel on a VHS cassette!

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