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Original Paintings

Painting is a relatively new thing for me. I've been working in acrylics, but more recently I've been using water mixable oils for my plein air paintings. 


6 Apples

This is my first painting. Funny thing is that I originally titled it "5 Apples" until someone corrected my math days later.


This is my beautiful grandson. I love the pose. In reality, he was under a grill I was assembling in my living room, looking up. I guess you can discover art anywhere.

Jayce Looking Up.jpg

The Anisquam

Although, they're moving, my mother, sister and sister-in-law lived in this awesome house on the Anisquam River in Gloucester. What a view.

Towel Boy

I love this one because of the subject (my son, Jake) and the hands. It was a very hot day in the sun and Jake was resting under a towel.


Golden Gate at Night

My friend Jim found this unique location for a wonderful nighttime view of the bridge. One interesting aspect of this painting is the beautiful red color in the lower right corner. It's from the parking light in the car we came in.


I love this one. It's our late great Golden Retriever laying in our bed on the quilt my wife designed and hand-stitched. Art within art.

Yogi and Quilt.jpg


My favorite paintings are the ones I do for my family and friends. This is from a lovely photo of my son's girlfriend and her brother. Sweet.

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