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They like us. They really do.

Jim Granger | Intel Corporation

"Stuart is my go-to-guy for projects that matter. Big clients, difficult problems, tough projects where I need someone who can think creatively, get things done, and make everyone one on the team better. Stuart is my first choice -- without hesitation."

Will Givens | VP Network Marketing at Weigel Broadcasting

"After the actual product itself, for me the next big thing in branding is your logo identity and your visual marketing strategy. We used Stuart's company Pixel Soup to build our launch logo identity [for KSWB in San Diego] and our entire on-air marketing palette. His spot on creative work stood the test of time and helped us build that TV channel into one of the most successful outlets in the country. Stuart is immensely talented and creative, but even better for us he is practical, thoughtful and gets that sometimes art is in service of commerce. As a creative partner he understood our goals, our needs and he interpreted our brand. Bravo. Our experience was a successful collaboration and I can recommend Stuart to everyone looking for a really great creative partner. Great guy."

Greg Jensen | Adaptive Engineering

"Stuart was a powerhouse of creative thinking and a fantastic designer. It was an amazing experience to work with him and cover so much ground across industry verticals and modes of user interaction. What impressed me most about Stuart was his ability to manage the presentation and feedback process ranging from support staff to C-level executives. His ability to engage various stake holders and manage a litany of compromises, and yet still end up with a product seemingly without compromise, is something I have yet to see from any other professional in a creative discipline. Highly recommended."

Hometowne Auto Shoppe

"I originally hired Stu to create branding for our newly established business. His work has been phenomenal. He has been very flexible and creative in helping us design our logo, web site and signage. We will defintiely contunue to use Stu's skills and expertise to further our positioning and brand awareness."

Orrin Zucker | Ozone

"I have worked with Stuart Rotman in many capacities over the 25 years we have known each other. He has been a client, vendor, colleague and friend. Stuart is a rare example of a designer who is equally strong with both visuals and the written word. He's also a very experienced, organized manager, and communicates very effectively." 

Barry Orell | writer/producer/editor

"When you want it right, precise, creative and surprisingly original -- Stuart is the man to go to for spicing up your corporate videos, television commercials and TV station image campaigns. His expertise and mastery of motion graphics and image manipulation have made invaluable contributions to each and every project I had the pleasure of working on with Stuart. His work is inspired and his enthusiasm is infectious."

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